Apr 14th, 2024
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A Gori Affair

At some Kremlin-ordained moment in the late 1930s, a neighbourhood of simple brick houses was demolished in the Georgian city of Gori. One solitary residence was intentionally left standing. Directly from the front door of this unremarkable dwelling, an avenue of parks and trees was constructed, sweeping straight out for a mile or more towards the mud-brown Mtkvari River. Today the… Read the rest →

Still Here

It’s been brought to my attention that I haven’t posted anything here for a few months. You know what it’s like. Work. Kids. Travel. Kids. Work. International subterfuge. Travel. Work. Kids. Occasional days of leaping through sunny fields. This is just a quick post to alert any passing visitors to the fact that I remain alive and well. And for… Read the rest →

Wings on the Ridgeway

I walked the Ridgeway last week. It took me five days, going west to east. On the third day, in sun-soaked countryside somewhere close to the Oxfordshire/Berkshire border, I met a man hiking in the other direction. He was wearing only boots and a pair of shorts. He had a big rucksack, lots of white hair and a fabulous walrus… Read the rest →

Engineering A Draw, Tehran-Style

  There’s been a lot of talk, evidence and insinuation of match-fixing in recent months. Football, cricket, even tennis. It’s monumentally depressing for any serious sports fan. It also puts me in mind of a match I attended in the Middle East a few years ago. I’d been sent out to Iran to cover the Tehran derby for FourFourTwo Magazine…. Read the rest →

Travel Glossary for 2013

A list of vital words and phrases for the modern traveller. Please go ahead and suggest more.             atlascock (n) – an individual who can name the capital of Togo without pausing for thought. (usage: “He’s a bit of an atlascock. I mentioned China and he started reciting all 23 provinces.”) sadstart (n) – an aeroplane breakfast… Read the rest →

Pen-Twiddling While Rome Burns?

I went along to one of the Social Travel sessions at World Travel Market this year. I found it very enlightening, partly because I don’t spend enough time thinking about social media. This is my inaugural post (it’s a new website for a new me – prepare the fatted calf) and at time of writing I’ve published precisely 16 tweets,… Read the rest →